Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Five Hours. Two Feet. One Girl in Yerushalayim.

And this...was my day...

 Finishing off with Ulpan and therefore writing an exam this morning I was up to an early start. Once that was all done with, I then proceeded to take the light-rail into the centre of Jerusalem. The next series of events happened in this sequence:

1) I spent two hours in the Old City of Jerusalem- one of them was spent sitting at the Western Wall contemplating my time spent here (so far) in Israel as well as just taking in every moment as a complete blessing.

2) Once outside of the Old City I took a sharp right and began my exploration. I found myself in an unknown neighborhood with unique street lamps lining the streets and even more unique looking people wondering around. I there discovered the most magnificent courtyard, full of fountains all decorated in mosaics and red rosebushes wherever I looked.

3) While walking down another street I looked up and saw the most beautiful angle of the sun on a tree. Just as I took a photograph, a man leaped out of a car and came up to me and told me that no photographs are allowed there as it was the American Consulate. I was asked to delete the photograph- once he took a look at it, I was allowed to keep it.

4) After my naive espionage, I found myself in a quaint neighbourhood with the most delightful looking coffee shops.

5) Two hours after my Old City adventure I was still making my way around Jerusalem on foot. Stopping past the Prime Minister's house, glorious fruit shops, mouthwatering bakeries, alternative art stores and every so often an art gallery.

6) Five hours later and I was on my way back home, only to walk into my apartment and view the most golden and eye-catching sunset.

Thank you, Yerushalyim, for displaying inexplainable beauty no matter where one sets their feet. 

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