Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Intriguing, Interesting and Immersing Discussions at Hebrew University

Institutions such as the Hebrew University and Rothberg International School, offer their students insight and opportunities to see, hear and experience entire selections of activities. Ranging from the different Shabbat programs to the various student get-togethers- there is no day that passes without being accompanied by an event.

This week has started off with two different lectures on two of the most intriguing topics:

-Monday, February 3, 2014: USA-Led Negotiations between Israeli's and Palestinians. Given by the Jerusalem Post Editorial Editor, Mati Wagner.
To myself the most interesting thought from hearing this complexed theme, was the knowledge of myself listening to this lecture while being situated in the place that was being spoken about. I am subscribed to the Jerusalem Post iPhone App and every time my cell phone vibrates and I see the red 'JPost' icon, I realize that it not only is my right, but it is now my responsibility to read whatever has been posted (pun unintended). This is because I am living in the place where all these thought-provoking news stories are occurring.

-Tuesday, February 4, 2014: Student activist, former board member and comptroller of WUJS (World Union of Jewish Students) and current AJC (American Jewish Committee) board member, Chaya Pomeranz, came to speak and discuss with Hebrew University Students about Jewish/Muslim Dialogue in relation to inter-faith initiatives. I believe that this discussion was able to encapture every student's attention. Being a young, Jewish student, myself I feel that learning about stereotypes and how to eliminate them, about being the 'other' and about having the responsibility to learn about the interests and common thoughts of a young, Muslim student, are all essential steps for becoming the leaders of tomorrow. I was able to learn that the simple act of conversing has the power to create friendships and bonds between people from different spectrums- and how one's words have the ability to enhance those bonds into links that fill those gaping holes between religions.

Official Muslim Jewish Conference 2012 Movie 

Myself, Cassi Gewer, with student activist, former board member and comptroller of WUJS (World Union of Jewish Students) and current AJC (American Jewish Committee) Board Member, Chaya Pomeranz

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