Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Midnight Stroll Through The Old City Of Jerusalem

This late night walk, together with a special friend of mine, forms the most extraordinary memory. The Old City of Yerushalayim contains a certain presence that is indescribable- it is a presence that fills a human's soul. It is this presence that I find myself craving on a daily basis. I have come to see that I have travelled to the Old City often in the past few weeks - more often than expected - and I have realized that this is due to my inability to believe that I am now living so close to such a powerful place. The Western Wall and these walks through the Old City of Jerusalem, at various times of the day, are two of the things that I hold so dear to my heart.

Golden All Over 

 Icy Nights and Icy Drinks 

The Moon Shining As Bright As Ever Above A Synagogue 

 Friendship At The Western Wall- no stronger bond. 

Myself in the Old City 

 A Midnight View Of The Kotel (Western Wall) 

 My thought one week ago: "How special would it be to see a white dove at the Western Wall"
Two days later; I see not only one, but two, white doves there. These small miracles are evident wherever you go and with whoever you meet in this holy land. 

 I Can Forever Stand There and Absorb the Presence 

 The Happiest Smile I Own: My 'Jerusalem' Smile


This is The Place Where I Am Most Proudly South African 

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