Monday, 3 February 2014

Post #1:

After arriving at Hebrew University and using these past two weeks to settle in, my adventures in this beautiful land have finally begun. Today I took a self enriching walk through the Old City of Jerusalem and decided to capture some of the raw beauty that I saw- the beauty that I now see on a daily basis. Days here, on campus and within Jerusalem, pass without failing to overwhelm with breathless views. Every instant is filled with some unexplainable presence that I continue to absorb. 
My most fulfilling moments, so far: 
- Sitting in a Hebrew class, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, knowing that you are learning the language of the land you are in- as well as knowing that the language is so dear to the people that speak it. 
- Walking home from a long day of class and 'casually' deciding where to go. Then being overcome with joy at the realization that your options are; the Kotel (Western Wall), Har Herzl, Machaneh Yehuda (otherwise known as the 'shuk'), Ben Yehuda or any other bewildering site that is Jerusalem. 
- Eating breakfast at the dining room table every morning, looking to my right and seeing a panoramic view of the Old City, the Dome Of The Rock and the hills that make up Jerusalem. 
- Praying on the lawn, on Shabbat, and not only facing the Old City and the Kotel but being able to see it. 
- Sitting in the amphitheater of the Hebrew University and acknowledging the value of its position and the ultimate splendor that it possesses. 

There will be more posts to follow throughout my time here. Join me on my journey through the Art of Jerusalem. 

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