Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Those Days in Yerushalayim

Being welcomed into the life of an Israeli and the times of an 18 year old girl living in Jerusalem, day after day I am realizing the blessing of living here in this sacred land. One of the absolute delights that accompanies Israel is the 'Shuk' (market). My adventures to this exotic place include arriving in the icy wind, at around 20:30 on a Thursday night just to walk around and allow the ambience of the Shuk to consume me. The treat is the fact that you get to take (more than) a piece home with you. Thursday night, for myself, included hot rolls straight out of the oven from a small shop characterised by the delicious smell of homemade bread.

Those 'Shuk' rolls...

Everyday at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem I am finding another cafeteria. The assortment of foods includes falafel, bagels with omelettes inside, chicken schnitzel in pita and many, many more delicacies. One of my own small joys, is having an hour to spare before class and sitting in a cosy cafeteria with my kindle and a cup of granola, honey, fruit and some mouthwatering Greek-yoghurt. I have had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring individuals during my times at these tables. I come back with stories that I never would have predicted I would tell. 

Those small moments that can somewhat change your perspective on life. This is one of those. 

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