Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shavua Tov

A magnificent Shabbat in Raanana accompanied by a special family who I met by chance almost three years ago. Three years later, we were able to reunite and do so in the form of an intimate and a beautiful Shabbat. The emotions that run through me on a Friday, while in Israel, are those of excessive happiness and spirituality. Those one hour or two hour long bus rides to your destination can prepare you for the day of rest and spirituality that will arrive that evening. To myself, the views of leaving Jerusalem contain such unmeasurable artistry are one of the contributors to my eternal love for this land.

Exiting Jerusalem on a Friday morning. 

The feeling that I experience before a Shabbat in Israel is mirrored by the feeling that I experience when I am on my way back into Jerusalem the next Saturday night. That emotion of knowing that you are coming home, has the ability to fill me up with golden tears every single time. 

NOTE: One of my most cherished traits of Israel is the way in which each individual on a bus, train or light-rail will stand up and offer their seat to an older person. Seeing this happen fills me with pride for the rest of that day- which is more than often.

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