Sunday, 9 March 2014


A spontaneous weekend with a special friend. This lead to us going 40 hours without sleep, five hours of traveling (all by bus, train and cab), but an experience that will remain with me forever. This was one of those weekends that you just cannot wait to tell everyone about. From free transport throughout Tel Aviv to Tzfat, from the beautiful art of watching a train station turn open and turn on its lights and from the short stops in places I have only read about. My most treasured thing though, is to be able to come back to Jerusalem. 

The bus at 22:00 from Jerusalem to TLV. 

A night into the underground TLV night life, filled with sounds of trumpets, laughter and the Hebrew language. There are these short intervals where someone will be showing people how they do graffiti or of people just dancing outside to the middle eastern sounds. 

Local bands whose names I wish I caught. 

The alternative ambience showed the life of the locals to its utmost truest sense. 

The Cello. The interment that ruled the night. 

A 3am snack. A frozen yoghurt filled with Oreo's, strawberries, white chocolate, melon, peaches, pineapple and many other things that Israel has to offer. 

Photograph #1 of our bags while backpacking through TLV. This was at 03:40 outside a 24 hour cafe on King George Street. 

 Having to catch a spontaeous bus at 03:50 means having to pack a bag in four minutes and leave the apartment in your pajamas. Oh, the experiences in Israel! 

Photograph #2 of our bags outside the TLV Train Station (Rakevet Haganah) - this was at 04:20. 

The train station opens up at 05:00 - this was while we were waiting outside. It felt as if we were living in a movie. 

Being able to watch the Train Station lights turn on and the doors open - only then to receive free train tickets. This was art. 

Photograph #3 of our bags within the train station. Waiting for our train to arrive and then depart for Nahariya. The last stop of the train and the bus stop for the 367 bus to Tzfat. 

Our need for our music on our cellphones, for our upcoming two hour train ride led us to use the power points behind the vending machines at the station. 

05:30 our train leaves for Nahariya. 

Good morning Nahariya. 

Finally! Our bus to Tzfat left at 08:15. 

The sun is out…HELLO TZFAT. 

09:30 arrival

Our Tzfat explorations and adventures begin. Those small cracks in between the walls of the Tzfat buildings which open to the incredible views- priceless. 

To get us into the relaxed mode of Tzfat and to begin welcoming Yom Chamishi (Friday) this talented man played Shabbat Zemirot (songs) in a small and intimate courtyard, in the Old City of Tzfat. 

This amazing artists was sketching the musician. 

The beautiful landscape views of Tzfat. Breathing in the holy air. 

The small coffee shops. 

The Artist's Colony. Tzfat the land of art. 

Walking the streets of Tzfat. 

One of my most treasured things about Tzfat is that every telephone box is painted. And not just painted - but everyone of them is a piece of art. 

A mystical, magical and meaningful Shabbat spent in Tzfat. 


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