Sunday, 9 March 2014

Life Through The Lens of a Student At Hebrew U and Bezalel

Wow, what a journey! These past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind. My days are just beautiful- in every aspect. From the small things such as finding at least five different accents every day, the view of the Old City every single time I walk to and from campus and as well as those interesting lectures and art classes that I never want to end.

Here is a short time capsule into my past few weeks at Bezalel and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem:

Contemplation period between classes. With this view there is nothing that can beat these moments. 

The view from the Hebrew University Amphitheater. The first signs of sunlight on the hills of Jerusalem. 

My Monday and Wednesday's are filled with this intriguing class. Learning about the history of Israel, while living there is a very unique and touching experience. These nights are my favourite. 

 My first day at Bezalel. Walking into a class, sitting down and being told to just draw whatever is in front of you. This journey, in this institute is going to be one of complete self exploration and an experience of a life time. 

The view from my art studio, that I share with four other ArtJerusalem students. The view within itself, is an inspiration for a number of artworks and concepts. 

 A protest being held at Hebrew University by the Medical Students. They were protesting against the Hospital not paying their lecturers. This went on four about two days. Students standing up for their teacher's rights- this is amazing. 

We were privileged to have a screening of the award winning movie 'Fill The Void' both directed and written by Israeli, Rama Burshtein. Followed by a Q and A with the director herself. To have a glimpse into the Ultra Orthodox Jewish community was an experience unlike any other. I absolutely recommend this movie- both directed and written beautifully, with such sensitivity and insight. 

Myself and Rama Burshtein 

Watch the 'Fill The Void' trailer above. 

Magnificent flowers blooming by the K'far Ha'Studentim (Student Village) 

Tuesday nights are 'Couscous Conversation Nights' - these delicious and thought provoking nights are certainly one of the many benefits of being a Hebrew University Student. 

My first 'Conceptual Collage' at Bezalel. 

Challah Baking

A beautiful Shabbaton in the Katamon neighbourhood in Jerusalem. This Shabbaton was through the Hillel Beit Midrash Program and was a compete success. Filled with lovely families, the Shabbat in Yerushalayim feeling and inspirational WOW'S (Words of Wisdom)- I loved every minute. 

Drawing Class: sit in the corridor of Bezalel and choose an angle that you would like to draw. This was my angle that I chose. 

One of the joys of Hebrew University are the small events happening their on a daily basis. Such as this stand of unlimited hot chocolate, tea and coffee with a Tzedaka tin next to it. So wonderful. 

OR this Mini Shuk (market) handing out free fruit and vegetables to the students in awareness of helping he elderly at the Shuk. 

My first painting using water colors. 

Another drawing exercise. 

So far my time in this place is making me want to never leave. Jerusalem, Hebrew U and Bezalel are my perfect three. 

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