Tuesday, 22 April 2014

From Jerusalem to TLV back to Jerusalem - 24 hours of fun.

Happy Birthday, Toni!

When it is your best friend's birthday, and she is just a one hour bus ride away from you - you go and surprise her. And this is exactly what I did. My best friend, Toni, had her 24th birthday in Israel this year and I was sure to make it the best day possible for her.

This is what her bed looked like when she got home from a long day at work:


Our night was a whole lot of fun - with a dinner at a lovely restaurant in Tel Aviv (one that we had to search for because I needed a kosher restaurant) the food was all Moroccan inspired. Absolutely scrumptious. We then went to the Tel Aviv pier which has the most amazing night life. With outside bars and clubs all around - the ocean in site - this night was very exciting and one of my favorite nights out so far. 

Late night TLV bus rides.

My night not only ended when we arrived home at 03:30 in the morning but my next day began just then. With a quick pack of my bags I was off to the train station to catch the 5am train back to Jerusalem in order to make it in time for the Jerusalem Marathon. 

 Goodbye TLV skyline. 

The Israel sun rise from the train. 

 Just traveling through Israel, looking at the magnificent landscapes and realizing how much I have to be thankful for and how much I have to appreciate me being here. 

Good Morning Jerusalem! Hello from the Jerusalem Marathon 2014. 

The most amazing turnout and the most incredible atmosphere at this global event held in our home town - Jerusalem. 

This was an amazing event to witness and my next post will show who i was able to meet at the finish line… 

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