Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Chag Pesach Sameach / Passover In Israel

At the start of the Spring Break I was able to help host a ladies only 'Chocolate Seder' - a time for me to speak about Pesach and everything that I had learned with Tzipora, from Jeff Sidel. I brought a couple of friends and we sat and discussed Pesach, Pesach in Israel and even more so Pesach in Yerushalayim. This was so very interesting and a lovely way to bring in the Chag (festival).

All chocolate everything. 

This brought in Pesach in the sweetest and most exciting way. I believe our Chocolate Seder to be a success. 

Once I came back from Caesarea the cleaning began! I was able to clean the entire apartment and Kosher it for Pesach- and it turned out to be a whole load of fun! 

Koshering cutlery with my friend Benji! Yum...

Spick and Span

Once all the cleaning was done - it was then Seder time and Yom Tov! 

I decorated Bingo cards for the Seder table and called the game PINGO (Pesach Bingo). 

PINGO cards!

Seder Time!

On our way before Yom Tov comes in!

Chag Sameach everyone from my lovely friends and I! 

This is my Pesach message to all x 

This time last year I was praying that I could make this following status. This time this year, I pray that it continues. 

Chag Shameach from Yerushalayim. חג שמח מירושלים. 

I could not wish to be in any other place for such a significant time in our Jewish calendar. With the cleaning of restaurants, the light rail closing early, the Seder plans being discussed - you can truly feel the Pesach atmosphere today, wherever you go.

As I sit here and type this, I look onto a panoramic view of Jerusalem from my window and within my heart I can tell that I am home.

I wish everyone a chametz free, Hashem bound and all round spiritual Chag. The story that we read tonight is one containing utter beauty - so let's treasure our time reading it.

To my darling family - Larry GewerMelissa GewerDaniel Gewer and Sammy - words cannot describe how much I am missing you all at a time like this - but just know that you are here with me and I am at your Seder(s) with you. I LOVE YOU ALL.

And to everyone (including myself):

Leshana Haba'ah Be'Yerusalayim.
לשנה הבה בירושלים.

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