Tuesday, 22 April 2014

More happenings at Hebrew U and Bezalel

A spiritual and informing trip to a Mikvah (washing place for women) was hosted by Rivki, a women who also works at the Jeff Sidel student centre. This was an informative and interesting trip for us all. With a brunch and a discussion to start off the day and then a short bus ride to one of Jerusalem's hundreds of Mikvahs.

The prayer said before going into a Mikvah. 

A time to volunteer for food packaging. Run through RIS and OSA this was an opportunity to food package for two hours for the many less fortunate people within Jerusalem. This was such a special time for us to all stop our lives abroad and have a chance to give back. 

The group of volunteers from Hebrew U. 

 Crates and crates of fruit and vegetables. This all goes out to families but even then some families still go hungry. It was a good thing to see how much help is needed out there and for us as international students to be able to give back. 

MASA Seminar offered by OSA and RIS: 

This has been one of my favorite weekends here in Israel and with RIS so far! The seminar was based on two things Israeli Society and choosing Career paths in Israel. With eight of us representing RIS and Hebrew U we were able to meet people from the Technion in Haifa, from internships throughout Israel, from Tel Aviv University as well as Israeli students from the College of Business Management. 

This seminar compiled of an interesting trip to Tel Aviv to see startup companies such as E-bay and many more. A chance to see organizations such as The Elevator which help promote startup companies with students in Israel. This was an amazing tim to meet new people from outside of Jerusalem as well as a chance to interact with a panel of Israeli students - an opportunity that is very helpful in regards to questions about studying in Israel, finding a job and what the new trends are in the student communities nowadays. 

The schedule from the the Seminar: 

The Seminar in photographs: 

 The breath taking view from our hotel room. 

 Making Friends from across the globe (Germany, Brazil, South Africa, USA and Israel) 

Last 'selfie' of the seminar - such wonderful people. 

Beauty - thank you, MASA!

Only at a Hebrew U cafeteria can you find a potato the size of your face! Notice my happiness - oh, do I love it here! 

The greatest and wondrous adventures of a Hebrew U, RIS and Bezalel student keep growing! 

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