Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My darling gran came to visit!

I got to meet this special darling person at the finish line of the Jerusalem Marathon.

Granny Rosie and I and the marathon. 

What a day we had! With the transport system halted due to the mass amount of people at the marathon - we walked about another 5km until we could find a bus. But on a hot day in Yerushalayim what better thing is there to do but walk. The first thing we did was I took my gran passed Har Herzl (as previously written on my blog - Har Herzl is the military cemetery in Jerusalem and my most emotion and connected place that I adore here in Israel.) Once we grabbed our cold Coca Colas we then set off to Mount Scopus - going on the train and showing my gran all my favorite things about Jerusalem and where I spend most of my time was such a special experience. We then journeyed to a cute coffee shop for some brunch and then off we set to the K'far Ha'Studentim - my apartment at Hebrew U. 

After walking up to my apartment, showing my gran our priceless view that even I (four months later) still cannot believe we possess and walking her around the student village - neve shave I ever felt more pride to know that I belong to such a beautiful place in a special location just down the road from one of the yes institutes in the world. I then showed my gran my 20 minute walk to campus that I take every day - the one that overlooks the old city and that has the ability to make anyone feel privileged. I never never enjoyed anything more than showing my gran the Hebrew University Campus - to see her amazement at the physical location and its ideologies and to see my pride of showing it - this was something I will never forget. 

 My two most treasured photographs of the day 

I had to boast about the many amazing views that Hebrew U and Bezalel have to offer. 

We ended up having a memorable Shabbat spent with my dear cousins and Aunt in Katamon (an area within Jerusalem) and then journeyed to many exciting places and restaurants in the following two days. 

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