Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pesach and Spring Break Traveling in and around Tivon.

My roommate Kira and I were fortunate enough to go traveling throughout the North of Israel during our last week of spring break. We ended up staying in Tivon - a small and quiet suburb just outside of Haifa. As neither of us had been to Haifa yet this trip was a new experience for the both of us.

Travel Time! 

Kira's Aunt's little apartment - too lovely!  

The Tivon sun set - I have no words for this magical beauty. 

The view of Haifa from Tivon. 

Waiting to catch a bus into the centre of Haifa. 

We went to Netanya for the day. What a magnificent place with the most natural beauty. 

 The beaches are just stunning. 

Myself and Kira on the Netanya promenade. 

Beautiful Butterflies. 

The view from the window on the way back from Netanya. 

Once again the beautiful Tivon sky. 

Our staple diet over the first few days. 

Those small things that I love about Israel? One of them is getting onto the bus and all the way from Haifa until we were halfway back from Jerusalem this boy was standing and praying. Priceless. Only in Israel. 

And we are back home from the most relaxing journey, after discovering Israel like a true Israeli - with backpacks on our backs! 

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