Monday, 21 April 2014

Writing from Yerushalayim x

So the last time I blogged I had gone on my adventure to Tzfat. Well, so much has happened since then and I am about to show and tell whoever reads my following post. I do apologize for the lack of blogging - between incredible classes I take, the hikes and just opening my eyes and heart to this wonderful country,  it does not seem to give me enough time to write, but that will change.

Where to begin…

Well I can begin with the change in weather that has been seen in Yerushalayim within the past few months. We began with our fair share of rainy days…such as my friend and I spontaneously deciding to go on an outing to Yaffo street (one of the main streets in Jerusalem) and then getting caught in a rainstorm, but as many Israeli's do and as we were already having such a good time, we embraced the showers and continued on our adventures.

I found a key chain with my Hebrew name on it! This could only happen to me in Israel. 

When my make-up was washed off, my hair was soaking wet and my jeans were dripping- this is how I looked on the way back home while on the light rail. (Please note: there is no sadness, frustration or unhappiness on my face- just simple contentedness in my life and how things just plan out.)

The rain has gone now, however, and as I sit here and type this my day was spent in the blistering spring sun. Beautiful, just beautiful!

The first sign of spring appeared just outside our dorm apartment building. This is the photograph that I took this tree has blossomed since I photographed it. 

This turned out to be a beautiful Shabbat that we called 'Roommate Shabbat' because it was spent with my lovely roommates - what a special experience. 

Our lovely taxi driver!

My roommate, Mirit, and I on our way to the shuk on a Friday - bracing ourselves for the frenzy, which even though this can get crazy just before Shabbat - we cannot get enough of the hustle and bustle. 

Another sign that summer is on its way here - these mango Froop yoghurts. I have waited to taste these again since 2011 and I have not been able to find them anywhere. I did however spot them two weeks ago - and it turns out that they are only a summer thing. 

Here at RIS (Rothberg International School) we know how to through good get togethers. These are usually nights filled with many races, many nationalities and many more accents. Just by sitting at a table with a few friends topics such as politics, traveling and your home town will come up. These are the kind of small things that make this school and its lifestyle one of a kind. I absolutely love it.

One of the polaroid pictures capturing one of our many fun nights here at Hebrew U. 

One more update! This is a terribly exciting one. I was able to go to my FIRST ISRAELI WEDDING. Wow what a celebration it was. I received a text from my friend that works with a Rabbi in conjunction with RIS and it went like this "Hey, do you guys want to come to a wedding?" Well, lets just say that no matter who you are in relation to the bride or groom you can always go to an Israeli wedding. My friend and I arrived at this beautiful celebration, not knowing who the bride or groom were but only knowing one of their friends. This memory will FOREVER be engraved in my mind. Receiving a bracha (blessing) from the bride once introducing ourselves and saying Mazel Tov (congratulations) the night went on and we ended up being one of the last people to leave. Being in Yerushalayim and sitting in a room filled with such simcha (happiness) words cannot describe how priceless this moment was. 

A special celebration shared with my lovely friend, Liora, from Australia. 

My outfit going to the wedding. 

You can see the simcha within our faces! 

On to the next post… x 

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