Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jerusalem Life

Here are some more things that have been happening on the side:

Only the most special day with my most special friend. 

Summer Style on Yaffo Street. 

The new Israel trend - reflective sunglasses. 

Wearing my 'Israel Smile' - this is what happiness looks like. 

On my way home with my friend, Liora, from a beautiful Shabbat in Katamon, a lovely area in Jerusalem. 

My new favorite hobby: Swinging in the sun at the K'far Ha'Studentim. 

My Jerusalem style. 

My most recent painting: this was a project of my painting class. The requirements were that this had to be painted using techniques learnt in class, such as the grid method, as well as more than six hours of work put into the project and also using realistic colours and space. 

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