Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sderot - a trip through the harsh reality of living 500m from the Gaza strip.

With an organized trip though OSA (Organization of Student Activities) at RIS we were able to take a tour through Sderot, an Israeli town that is positioned just meters away from Gaza. Hearing about the daily lives of the locals, of the bus stops that function as bomb shelters and being able to see a few of the thousands of missiles that were fired to Sderot - lives have been lost, people have been injured and every person who is living in Sderot each has a story and emotional trauma of their own.

Day trip gear. 

The best tomatoes - ginger tomatoes, chocolate tomatoes and past tomatoes. 

 Fresh Passionfruit. 

Fresh strawberries. 

I feel in love with the magnificent sunflowers. 

The 'code red' sign that is places on a kid's, bomb shelter play ground.

This is a bomb shelter. 

Walking up the the Gaza viewpoint. 

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