Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ten Hours Walking Through The Old City and Ending With A 'Tekes'

On a Thursday morning straight from my Hebrew class, I decided to take my camera, my sketch pad, some pen's and pencils, a book and venture into the old city of Jerusalem. These days fall into the category of things that I am starting to believe that I cannot live without. They grant me absolute spiritual fulfillment, complete bliss and a certain presence fills me, one that I get from nowhere else.

Here are a few photographs of my artworks and my day x

Summer is blooming

The breathtaking views from the Old City


 The Kotel (Western Wall) 

One of my favourite parts of the day, was going to a park, laying across a bench, reading a very spiritual and meaningful book and letting the day fade away. 

This is what us Bezalel students do during coffee dates with our best friends. 

Another drawing. 

A Military 'Tekes' (ceremony) happening at the Western Wall - this ceremony was for many newly inducted soldiers into the army. Both lone soldiers and Israeli's. This Tekes, in particular struck many emotions within me - first being absolute joy and excitement to know that hopefully one day I will be able to serve in the IDF (the Israeli army), second was this overwhelming sense of pride to know that I can now call Israel MY country, I can sing the national Anthem with pride and with respect. With the songs sung, the prayers said and the position of the Tekes being at the Western Wall - just brought smiles to faces all around me and especially brought one to myself. 

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