Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Yom Ha'shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) In Yerushalayim

This day in the Israeli calendar and the Jewish calendar is a very sombre one. This day for me, this year, in this city and country was the most memorable Yom Ha'shoah I am yet to have. Between hearing an incredible Holocaust survivor speak on the eve of the memorial day and then going to the Kotel at midnight- these were two things that gave me shivers. The tears, moans and prayers from the women standing around me at the Western Wall gave me the chills, the train ride on the way to the Old City had the ability to keep me silent the entire way and allowed for me to hear Hebrew, the language of Israel and the Jews, and smile to know that we were on a train, but this time it was not on the way to horrific places but instead it was traveling through Jerusalem within the Jewish State of Israel.

Here are some photographs:

 I organized for our room to light six candles in memory of the 6 000 000 Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. The large candle symbolizes the light and life that Israel gives us. 

The flag waving at half-mast at the Kotel at midnight on Yom Ha'shoah. 

My special friend and roommate, Kira, and I hugged and cried together. What a special memory to share. 

The Rothberg International School and Hebrew University Official Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony. This was filled with poetry, artworks from the children of the Holocaust and songs of survival, of life lost and of faith in Hashem. 

The two minute siren when everything and everyone (the majority) stops. 

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