Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Last Days Of The Rothberg Semester Have Come And Gone

The last days of the Rothberg Semester have come and gone.
And last night six of us were able to take part in something extraordinary. It goes a little something like this:
At 2am this morning, while the Jerusalem wind was blowing at full capacity, while the clouds were moving at a very fast pace and while the stars were shining at their brightest voltage, my five friends and I went up to the roof, sat in a circle and decided to share with each other in what way this semester has impacted each of us individually.
Well RIS and Hebrew U - all I can say is כל הכבוד out of the six people on that roof - every single one of us agreed on the following things:
Lifelong and eternal friends have been made.
Acceptance has been everywhere you go.
Religion and/or faith have been able to guide us.
The Hebrew language has been able to make us feel as if we have resided in Jerusalem for years.
We have each, in some small or large way, found a part of ourselves that we were searching for constantly in our past.
We became independent overnight.
We have learnt from others who we thought we could never have learnt from.
We all have a home anywhere around the world.
No matter political, religious or social views - we are all there for each other and will not let those factors blind us.
We sat there, held hands, shed tears but the most evident emotion there was complete contentedness and pure happiness, all represented by the dozens of smiles.
Six or nine months ago - we were all strangers, from different continents, different hemispheres - this morning we were all able to see how we are now, family.
I would like to share this with everyone because no activity was organized, nothing was planned, no one was forced to stay or sit there. We were just six students sitting together wanting to reminisce over the past few months spent together here in Jerusalem with Hebrew U.
We, everyone, have lived the dream and we will all continue to do so.
HEBREW UNIVERSITY AND RIS AUGUST 2014. I just cannot wait!

Yom Yerushalayim - what a day to spend in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Yom Yerushalyim consisted of:

- A morning at Aish Ha'Torah
- An early afternoon at the hairdresser
- A picnic at Gan Sacher
- An evening learning Hebrew

The day in the life of a student living and loving to study in Israel!

Some photographs from the day:

South Africa Represent #We<3YouMadiba 

 The end result …we are a little bit blonde. 


'THRIVE' At Hebrew Univeristy

I had the honour of speaking with Rabbi Adi Isaacs, the founder and director of the Thrive program at the Hebrew University, in front of 200+ woman at the beautiful AISH Ha'Torah Centre.

Here is the Thrive Program's description: Thrive is a magnificent fusion of academic excellence, the ultimate Israel experience, with a personal discovery. Spend a semester-abroad in Israel at Hebrew University's Rothberg [International School], and create life-lasting connections as you experience the prestige and depth of Israel with other motivated, young Jewish men and women on Thrive - the ultimate Israel experience!

Thrive is where academic goals and personal identity meet. It's where you will thrive as a Jewish student.

(Taken from their website: http://thriveathu.com/index.php)

Personally - this past semester I had the chance to view my friends reactions to being part of the Thrive program - their enlightenment, their enthusiasm and their absolute love for the activities as well as the staff, was all something special to see. Having gone to a few of the events - such as the screening of Rama Bershtein's film "Fill The Void" together with a Q&A from the director herself - I cannot wait to become a part of the Thrive family, to explore Israel through their eyes and to merge my time at Hebrew University together with this fantastic experience.

Rabbi Adi Isaacs and I Presenting at the AISH Ha'Torah Centre 

The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project's Facebook Page 

Israel Education Expo in SOUTH AFRICA- Representing The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Wow- what a journey (in the literal sense).

I had the incredible opportunity to be flown down to South Africa, by the SAFHU (South African Friends of Hebrew University), to represent and promote The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Rothberg International School.

From the Mechina (preparatory program at RIS) to DanceJerusalem as well as the various exciting programs that Hebrew University has to offer - there was interest all round. To have the ability to speak to students in high school, their parents as well as a broader audience was something completely thrilling, in the sense that I was able to speak to pupils who like me, have an obsession with Israel and are in the same position that I was in about a year and a half ago, when I began my search to study abroad in Israel.

To be told the dreams, goals and future plans of so many bright-eyed students and to see their faces light up to the idea of studying in Jerusalem, at such a prestigious institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - allowed for me to see my job as the South African Hebrew University Ambassador, as the most rewarding position to hold.

And hey, look, I was even able to present to my old high school: King David High School Linksfield. This was by far the best experience yet…having the opportunity to speak in front of the future matriculants and to make them realize the endless possibilities of studying at Hebrew University, was just fantastic.

Representing Hebrew University At My Old High School. 

This was my awesome schedule!
Note, we even made the radio! 

All and all, I can say that this trip, the Israel Expo and the Education Evening were all very successful. We here in Israel, cannot wait to see more South African individuals becoming graduates of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in hopefully the near future. 

I have to say thank you to the SAFHU for giving me this once in a lifetime experience, I would wish to be nothing else but the representative and ambassador of this prestigious university. Hebrew University, I will do nothing in the future, but make you proud. 

For any information on the programs offered at Hebrew University and/or to go ahold of the South African division, email Carmel Krawitz: safhu@beyachad.co.za