Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Last Days Of The Rothberg Semester Have Come And Gone

The last days of the Rothberg Semester have come and gone.
And last night six of us were able to take part in something extraordinary. It goes a little something like this:
At 2am this morning, while the Jerusalem wind was blowing at full capacity, while the clouds were moving at a very fast pace and while the stars were shining at their brightest voltage, my five friends and I went up to the roof, sat in a circle and decided to share with each other in what way this semester has impacted each of us individually.
Well RIS and Hebrew U - all I can say is כל הכבוד out of the six people on that roof - every single one of us agreed on the following things:
Lifelong and eternal friends have been made.
Acceptance has been everywhere you go.
Religion and/or faith have been able to guide us.
The Hebrew language has been able to make us feel as if we have resided in Jerusalem for years.
We have each, in some small or large way, found a part of ourselves that we were searching for constantly in our past.
We became independent overnight.
We have learnt from others who we thought we could never have learnt from.
We all have a home anywhere around the world.
No matter political, religious or social views - we are all there for each other and will not let those factors blind us.
We sat there, held hands, shed tears but the most evident emotion there was complete contentedness and pure happiness, all represented by the dozens of smiles.
Six or nine months ago - we were all strangers, from different continents, different hemispheres - this morning we were all able to see how we are now, family.
I would like to share this with everyone because no activity was organized, nothing was planned, no one was forced to stay or sit there. We were just six students sitting together wanting to reminisce over the past few months spent together here in Jerusalem with Hebrew U.
We, everyone, have lived the dream and we will all continue to do so.
HEBREW UNIVERSITY AND RIS AUGUST 2014. I just cannot wait!

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