Tuesday, 17 June 2014

'THRIVE' At Hebrew Univeristy

I had the honour of speaking with Rabbi Adi Isaacs, the founder and director of the Thrive program at the Hebrew University, in front of 200+ woman at the beautiful AISH Ha'Torah Centre.

Here is the Thrive Program's description: Thrive is a magnificent fusion of academic excellence, the ultimate Israel experience, with a personal discovery. Spend a semester-abroad in Israel at Hebrew University's Rothberg [International School], and create life-lasting connections as you experience the prestige and depth of Israel with other motivated, young Jewish men and women on Thrive - the ultimate Israel experience!

Thrive is where academic goals and personal identity meet. It's where you will thrive as a Jewish student.

(Taken from their website: http://thriveathu.com/index.php)

Personally - this past semester I had the chance to view my friends reactions to being part of the Thrive program - their enlightenment, their enthusiasm and their absolute love for the activities as well as the staff, was all something special to see. Having gone to a few of the events - such as the screening of Rama Bershtein's film "Fill The Void" together with a Q&A from the director herself - I cannot wait to become a part of the Thrive family, to explore Israel through their eyes and to merge my time at Hebrew University together with this fantastic experience.

Rabbi Adi Isaacs and I Presenting at the AISH Ha'Torah Centre 

The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project's Facebook Page 

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